Live Poker Theory Development Roadmap

Flexible roadmap subject to feedback from users like you!

  • Adding more flashcard decks for preflop (vsOpen, vs3bet, vs4bet) and postflop
  • More UX around your study progress, what your strong and weakpoints are, more "gamification" and fun features since current trainer bit boring
  • Better visual cues such as actually seeing the straddle position with chips
  • Specifically for postflop, create flash decks specifically built around the content articles. For example, a flashcard deck for which flops can be 100% range bet based on the tables in articles such as 3bet-sb-vs-mp-loose-defend
  • Better chart viewer
  • Custom decks and ability to customize the chart to deck transformation
  • Add a real spaced repetition algorithm that optimizes which cards to study (possibly open-source)
  • More "profiles" of opponents , nodelocked solutions to study (for example, playing vs loose passive opponents)
  • More multiway content
  • Native mobile app (though keep in mind the current trainer works on mobile and you can add to home screen to quickly pull it up on your phone.
  • Pot Limit Omaha content