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Win At Live Poker With Advanced Software

Live Poker Theory helps live players study GTO and exploitative strategies, leveraging the latest in solver technology and research based studying tools.

Built for live pros, by live pros.

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How It Works

Solver Generated Preflop Charts

Our preflop charts are generated by Monker and are rounded to be more practical for live players to study. From that, we generate a deck of flashcards, so we can track your individualized performance to understand your strengths and weaknesses and optimize your study routine.

Only Borderline Questions

Don't waste time reviewing obvious spots. We manually review charts and only add challenging questions to the flashcard deck. This makes our trainer more fast-paced and effective.


Our Trainer uses Spaced-Repetition, a scientific and evidence-based learning technique most commonly used by medical doctors to study for the MCAT and Board Exams. Learn more on Wikipedia.

Cash and Tournaments

We support charts for both cash and tournaments, at a variety of stack depths, rake structure, and with or without a straddle.

Customize Your Charts

Want to tweak our charts? With custom charts you can start from one of charts, make tweaks, and generate your own flashcards.

Desktop & Mobile

Our web platform is responsively designed to fit both a desktop screen or your iOS and Android device. We also have a native iOS app you can download here from the app store.

Coming Soon

Postflop Flashcards

We're working on postflop flashcards designed to maximize your understanding of high level heuristics instead of drilling infinite spots.

Achievements & Progress Tracking

We still have a lot of new ideas on how to give you you a sense of better achievement as your poker study progresses.

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